"An island TASTE with a kick of the south"

Born in Guyana surrounded by the smells of tropical fruits like mango, guava, and papaya and raised immersed in the herbs and spices of Nashville, Tennessee, Chef M. LaRose fuses flavors and creates unforgettable experiences for every occasion. 

My name is
chef m. Larose

I come from smells of tropical fruits like Mango, Guavas, and Papayas. I am herbs and spices. I was born into a family of twelve strong-willed women and raised in a small village called Rossignol, located in Guyana, South America. My grandparents had twelve daughters, and they can all cook.

For as long as I can remember, my mom and eleven sisters cooked every day except Saturday. We sat at the dinner table and ate as a family. Funny story, I learned how to cook as a punishment. At fourteen, I was suspended from school for 10 days and each day my mother had me meal prep and cook dinner for our family. My first meal was cassareep (brown stew) chicken. So I had to clean the chicken, cut it into pieces, and season it. At the time, I was not too fond of cooking, not knowing that my mother was creating a foundation within me to embark on my culinary journeys.

After working in customer service for twenty years, I decided to step out on faith and attend culinary school. I graduated top of my class in May of 2020, and my journey has been incredible. Allow me to cater to you by bringing my unique Guyanese flare into your homes. My cooking will give you an “Island taste with a kick of the South.”

Tasty Reviews

"Thank you for such a great lunch. OMG this is mighty good!"
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"Thank you so much for this cheat meal I'm about to destroy!! Grilled jerk chicken, plantains, red beans and rice, and cabbage!! Y'all check her out and follow her!!"
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"I am totally impressed with my caesar salad and spicy chicken!! Please come more often!! Thanks!"
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